Laurence Campbell is an artist and filmmaker based in the UK. He is the cofounder of Anti/Type and his work often combines elements of various artistic techniques to create experimental, interdisciplinary pieces. 


Catch the Light

Delia Derbyshire Day
Delia Derbyshire Day is a Manchester-based organisation which pays homage to Delia Derbyshire. Their work is centred around the Delia Derbyshire Archive which is held at the John Rylands Library in Manchester, UK. These two films document the touring workshops , live performance and Q&A sessions.                                
St. Mary's Hospice Anniversary Series- St Mary's Hospice
The film explores the life and travels of Carrol Pidduck through an intimate account by her widow and a series of audio recordings that the subject made throughout her terminal illness. It is the first in a series designed not only to celebrate life and the important work of the St. Marys Hospice bereavement support team, but also to mark the 30th anniversary of the Hospice.

Made during the spring of 2020, Catch the Light is a series of candid interviews that reveal the thoughts and dreams of a young girl living in an isolated region of North-West England. The film traces her footsteps through the surrounding landscape and, as time becomes both fleeting and permanent, she contemplates the forgotten places that inform collective memory and roots to the past.


‘His work has pushed our marketing into the future. Creating more interesting material for our supporters and increasing our digital engagement.

 What I find most impressive is how he has professionalism but also the human touch needed to achieve the most out of our projects, this is a rare skill! Working with us, he brought a clarity to our goals and helped put our vision on screen. He has been a joy to work with from beginning to end and I would highly recommend.’

Stevie Footman, Marketing Content Creator- St. Mary's Hospice

“One of St Mary’s marketing objectives is to ensure we reach the right people in the right way. We recognise the potential of video to share our heart-warming stories but also the obstacle of the capability to deliver this. Each individual project would have its own unique needs and challenges, requiring a very expert and special supplier to support this. We’d seen examples of Larry Campbell’s work before – which we knew would combine our aim for beautiful filming with sharing a personal story. We worked with Larry to share our requirements, ideas and examples to develop a creative brief and plan for a series of films for St Mary’s Hospice’s Anniversary Year. 

 Larry understood the project and aims so clearly. Larry covered all the technical angles and also given the nature of filming a hospice story Larry worked with wonderful empathy to reassure the recently bereaved interviewees, and put them at ease to share their story. We knew some of the material would be very ‘organic’ and Larry shaped all the content into amazing videos. Going the extra mile and putting additional thought, time expertise and work to distil all the content into the final powerful videos, breaking down barriers to the hospice and encouraging vital support. Other footage was that good we retained this and are using for Bereavement training. Larry is brilliant at what he does, we know we are in safe hands and his expertise and attention to detail is spot on. Larry is great to work with his patience and knowledge have steered us to the best solutions. Thank you Larry.”

Sarah Simpson, Marketing Manager, St Mary’s Hospice