My documentary work has

covered subjects such as mental illness, social housing, women refugees, aids awareness, conservation, agroecology and biographies of artists and charity workers. 


These Machines Haven't Finished - Delia Derbyshire and Deliaphonic

Deliaphonic is an annual celebration of the life and work of Delia Derbyshire on the anniversary of her birth. It takes place in her home town of Coventry. 



The 12.01 Project helps people develop solutions to social and environmental problems. Through film, we make people aware that change is possible and that solutions do exist. Through a web platform, we create a network of ideas, films and information, and around this we build a community of people looking to discuss, debate, disseminate and evolve solutions. Our films and web platforms provide these communities with the tools to apply the solutions across the world.


The 12.01 Project has investigated solutions in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, and worked with solution innovators from over 20 other countries worldwide.


Our service is designed to bring attention to and support existing solutions to social and environmental problems. We help innovators scale up their solution by building a community around what they do.


Every documentary and every web platform is a bespoke product. The story, the design and the format are entirely customised to meet the client’s needs. Yet at the same time, they are not standalone creations. They feed into a greater network of solution orientated projects. Over time, films, their supporting materials and their communities overlap. This allows for cross-pollination of ideas, technologies, solutions, experts, and all the other resources that support innovative solutions.

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Women  Asylum Seekers in the UK - Centre for Transnational Development and Collaboration

This short film is about the experiences of women asylum seekers in the UK, it is based on interviews with women asylum seekers, academics and practitioners. The documentary does not only address the question of why women had to leave their country of origin, but it also explores the difficulties women face whilst waiting for a decision regarding their status in the UK.


Home: A Valued Impact Project

A short documentary about mental illness and social housing

I employed Ben to work with me on Deliaphonic, to document the event and create a documentary film about electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire. On the day of the event Ben hired other videographers, who he directed, to ensure different elements were captured, including interviews and live performances as well as time lapse shots and accurate capturing the excitement of the event. Ben also worked closely with the sound engineer to mix the audio for the film.The project had a fixed budget. Ben really invested his time researching the subject and theme of the project.

The project was joint funded by three organisations and all of them as well as other project partners really impressed by the finished film and accompanying website.

Ben created a beautiful stylised film and used the theme of the project to influence his use of effects that were relevant and recognisable to Delia Derbyshire fans. The website did this in a similar way, continuing the theme.

This was this biggest project we (The Tin) has ever worked on and it was very important for us to do this the best we possibly could and we are really pleased with the finished product. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Ben again in the future.


Sarah Morgan
Director - The Tin Music and Arts

The Drone Cut-Up Project - Politics & International Studies, The University of Warwick

The drone cut-up project is a series of experimental films created in collaboration with Dr Trevor McCrisken and his former PAIS colleague Dr Erzsébet Strausz from the Central European University in Budapest. The project uses the "cut-up" method to disrupt and reassemble the narratives and meanings given to drone attacks against suspected terrorists. The technique, inspired by the work of Brion Gysin, William Burroughs and David Bowie, has been used fairly extensively in literature, poetry, and songwriting but is an innovative approach to research in International Security.

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