I have produced film projects for higher education institutions across the country, working on a wide of variety of films from experimental research projects to academic and graduate interviews; module and course previews to collections of filmed seminars and lectures.

I have collaborated on these with a number of departments including politics and international studies, sustainability, agroecology, student research, philosophy, teaching and learning and chemistry


Student Research at The University of Warwick 




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On this project I collaborated with the Student Research Hub at the University of Warwick to create a series of 8 videos which investigate what research is and the personal stories of those who do it

I’ve been working with Ben for over two years now on a range of strategic education and student experience projects at University of Warwick. He has an excellent reputation amongst colleagues here and we were introduced via a referral, which speaks volumes about Ben’s reliability and commitment to delivering work of highest standard. He has brought so much creative energy to every project and I like that he strives to challenge himself at every opportunity, which means projects he worked on have always been different, creative but with a distinct identity and narrative. I would recommend Ben to anyone who is looking for strategic and creative thinking and a different perspective. I will certainly be working with him again! 

Dr Bozhena Kelestyn

Education Strategy Project Officer

The University of Warwick

Learning, Exchange & Play -

Kings College, London and the University of Kent

The 'Learning, Exchange, and Play' Series is a series of experimental films produced as part of an ongoing campaign which seeks to open up the space for creative, alternative, and non-instrumentalised pedagogical stylistics in the face of the neoliberal homogenisation of teaching possibilities in contemporary education.

The Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience drives innovative research for the understanding and development of resilient food and water systems throughout the world.

I supply much of the video content for the centre including the introductory videos to their important research areas. Each one involved researchers and footage from across the world.


The Dark Would- The University of Warwick 

The Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning (IATL) at the University of Warwick created the ‘The Dark Would’ a collaborative project facilitating new ways of teaching and learning.

It was a physical installation that challenges traditional forms of teaching and learning and was designed to harness the benefits of corporal learning, through a less familiar learning experience for students, creating new opportunities for exploration of ideas, both physically and intellectually.

I created three films to explore their concepts.

Undergraduate Research - The University of Warwick

These three short videos were first work-shopped with undergraduate students and then structured and shot using their input and ideas. They give a student view of independent research, focusing on 3 key transition points in your degree

Ben has worked for the University of Warwick Library on a number of student-led video projects, and has been an integral part of the project team on each occasion. Ben gets involved in every stage of the projects from the generation and polishing of ideas, to the design, creation, editing and evaluation of the videos themselves. His relaxed and professional manner inspires confidence in staff and students alike and has always brought the very best out of the students participating in the video projects. He is tremendously efficient and turns around work to tight deadlines. He would always be our first choice of film-maker and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Kate Courage

Academic Support Librarian

The University of Warwick


I have worked with Ben on a number of occasions in the past few years, both in collaborative works which were more creative and experimental in vein, and in more conventional jobs (i.e. filming at an academic conference). My experiences with him during these jobs has been unreservedly positive: Ben is a passionate and highly skilled filmmaker who combines consummate professionalism with inventiveness and ambition. Not only does he engage with the purposes of the particular task in question fully, but offers incisive and thoughtful suggestions throughout the creative process, executing these in production process with flair and precision.

His flexibility is also to be commended: for example, Ben has written and produced scores alongside films made in the past, and managed to do so in intimate connection with the specifics of the project, producing results that both bear his own creative stamp but connect with the vision of those who he is working with. Given the positivity of these experiences, I am now continuously on the lookout for new opportunities to work with him in future projects, and can recommend that others do so emphatically.


Lecturer in Liberal Arts & Politics Education

Department of Liberal Arts

King’s College London

Ben's film work at the Centre for Critical Thought, University of Kent, has been exemplary. His instructive yet unobtrusive manner meant that we always knew what we should be doing to facilitate filming without ever feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious about the presence of the camera. The subtle editing and management of the whole production process was also superb. I would recommend Ben to all academic colleagues looking to film events. And, what's more, he's just a lovely guy to have in the room!

Iain MacKenzie


Centre for Critical Thought