Little Annie could be described as a one off, but labeling Annie with merely a ‘one’ would do a disservice to a singer, a lyricist, an entertainer, a painter, a multimedia artist, a storyteller, a published author, an actress and a prolific collaborator, amongst other things. The New York native first stepped on stage at Max’s Kansas City at the age of 16 and never looked back. She moved to the UK in the 1980s and worked with Penny Rimbaud and Crass, releasing  Barbed Wire Halo on their label in 1981. She wrote and released several more records over this period. After a recording hiatus she returned in 2007 with  Songs from the Coal Mine Canary produced by Antony Hegarty (of The Johnsons). When Good Things Happen to Bad Pianos followed in 2008. In 2012 Annie finally got together with Baby Dee in writing the album they’ve always promised to do together, State of Grace.

Little Annie

About Annie

In early 2012 Anti/Type spent the day with Annie and documented an intriguing and colourful insight into her life, music and philosophies. She treated us to enviably fascinating stories, starting during her school days, moving to the early days of her musical career and from there onto gigs, gospel, marriages and Mexico. Annie’s tales were broken by two stunning a cappella performances that gave a flavour of her music and stage presence. It introduced to us a formidable, worldly yet warm, funny and insightful lady who’s halfway through living an extraordinary life.

The film was runner up at the Stratford Fringe Festival, as well as showing at the Greenhorn Short Film Festival.

About the film