I compose music for film and documentary, using an increasingly wide pallet of instruments and methods. 

I also regularly collaborate with other musicians on compositions and produce live visuals for performances.


Composotions for film


Ben has written, composed and performed various music and audio pieces for my film work ranging from elegant sombre piano stems to soul rousing blue collar guitar tracks through to ominous, atmospheric soundscapes.

Ben is a  enthusiastic collaborator and clearly a versatile musician and composer with a pin sharp instinct for the material and wide frame of musical, cinematic and literary reference.

Brian Harley, Director 

Eventide (2012).jpg
A Dream I Had
Process Production Performance

Process Production Performance

Ben offered amazing support to me in organising an Album launch/multimedia event (audio and visual) 

He was able to deliver a twelve-minute music video, interpreting my brief perfectly, while combining this brief with his own creative input-complementing the original vision, seamlessly.

The communication during this stage was excellent.


During the launch night itself, Ben took control of projecting the music video as part of the event (along with other video presentations on multiple projectors) to combine two pre-recorded music tracks, a live band performance and four video presentations to an agreed timetable.


All aspects worked together flawlessly and were warmly received by the audience.

G Vaughan